Billy Miller was born in Jamaica, Queens in 1954 and grew up in Carle Place, NY. He was born with a transistor radio in one hand and a record spindle in the other. He was a rock n’ roll fan who played out his passion to the limit, as a musician, producer, writer, collector, researcher, record label owner, and ultimate A&R man. His Kicks Magazine began  in the late 1970s and developed into Norton records within a few years. Founded in 1986, Billy ushered in recordings by many of his heroes, including Andre Williams, Hasil Adkins, Link Wray, the Pretty Things, Rudy Ray Moore, Florian Monday, Bobby Fuller, the Alarm Clocks, the Untamed Youth, Jack Starr, Esquerita, the Mighty Hannibal, the Sonics, the Wailers,  Daddy Long Legs,  Bloodshot Bill, Mary Weiss, La La Brooks, and hundreds of other artists, all of whom he believed in, and whose work he loved. Billy’s rock n’ roll stage personality began with the Zantees, and evolved into the A-Bones. Billy’s efforts with his wife Miriam (and dog, Queenie) built a life of happiness, adventure and discovery that endures even in his passing. Billy was a Type 1 diabetic who was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma over a decade ago. MM became aggressive in October of 2013, and despite hard efforts to overcome his afflictions, he succumbed to the illness three years later, on November 13, 2016. The April 29 tribute show will memorialize Billy’s contributions to the music world that he loved, and it will also give back to two organizations that he believed in: the MMRF and the Ponderosa Stomp Foundation.

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